Grow Your Italian Family Tree. Our trees thrive and grow in the warmth of Italian sun and maintained by local farmers.

New Births & Milestones

Choose a special & unique baby gift. Celebrate new life with planting a living Olive tree that will grow and be a symbol of strength and family. Memorable gift that will keep on giving to be celebrated for years to come.

Weddings & Anniversaries

Celebrate an engagement, Italian wedding or anniversary.
We have the option to create an Italian Wedding Favor or written note for your wedding guests letting them know you have chosen a unique enviromentally friendly gift in their honor!

Holidays, Celebrations Condolences

Have Trees Planted in Honor of Your Friends & Loved Ones. Plant trees to celebrate and honor: birthdays, Italian holidays, graduations, Sympathy Bereavement Condolence Remembrance Memorial Tree. Perfect last-minute gift for any occasion. Your donation plants trees in Italy or Sicily. Learn more about our beautification efforts.

Employee Recognition

Reward, thank, and motivate your team with employee recognition gifts from Olive Tree Memorial! Our unique appreciation tree gifts offer easy ways to say "thanks" for a job well done and remind employees their hard work and loyalty makes a difference.

Olive Tree Memorial

Start an Italian Family Tradition!

Your gift of a donation of an olive tree back to Sicily & Italy is, for many people, a completion of the circle of life started by a loved one who immigrated to America seeking a better life. Now, you are memorializing that sacrifice by sponsoring the planting of a partially grown olive tree into the warm and fertile Italian soil. Your sponsorship is a one time cost that covers the purchase, planting, and maintenance of a wonderful and symbolic olive tree.

Learn More About Planting A Tree